Choices! Choices!

So following last week’s information meeting about the I Know I Can Barnsley Big Challenge, I am now faced with a dilemma!  How to select the team to mentor for the next eight months or so.

I’m going to be lucky enough to go back to my old stomping ground, now Darton College. Ah! the memories of playing rugby, football, cricket there 30+ years ago, the friends I made and the Subbuteo league we set up.  And alas the odd disappointment from not achieving all the grades I wanted to.

Now I’m intent on giving something back to the school that served me well all those years ago.  But which team?  They’re all so good in the way they’ve put their initial pitch together.

To narrow it down a bit, I’ve decided not to go with the ones that are selling food – chocolate, cupcakes, and other goodies would just be too much temptation.

So I’m now down to businesses that are to do with remote control cars, hand made cards and other accessories, and milkshakes (I’ll make them use skimmed milk).

Watch this space soon to find out which team I get.  It’s as nerve wracking as waiting for Simon Cowell to ring up Gary Barlow. #xfactor

Can you get involved by being a mentor?  Help young people become tomorrow’s leaders

You Know you Can!


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