Creating Hope

Recently I was invited by one of my mentors to work alongside her, with a young person who has epilepsy.

Here is someone who has had far too many negative experiences in a young life, clearly with consequences of ingraining a self-belief that it is difficult, perhaps impossible to achieve any even small successes.

Earlier this week it seemed that this person was fearful of being out of depth by the topics on the agenda, and that there was a strong probability of disengagement and perhaps not even attend.

We should not have worried.  From an early point it was evident this person wanted to be involved, and was engaged and interested with the topics being discussed.  Sensing an opportunity, we then worked to inspire creativity (expressed through painting and drawing), to build confidence and to start to break down barriers.  More ideas came to the fore and more questions, which helped me to form views about how to take my own business forward.  You can imagine I was well pleased!

I found myself looking for opportunities to help this young person solve problems. Rather than small issues looking like massive issues, we were able to stimulate discussion about ways to find answers to them.

This was a day which was much about helping someone to look at issues in different ways.  Everyone has ability, many people don’t realise how good they are and how to make the most of their talents.  Although it’s small steps on what may be a long journey, someone now has at least a little more hope to build on.


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