Change Support for Start Up Businesses

GuideDotYou helps new and young businesses learn and become established during some of the most testing times they will face in their brave new world.

A 2012 Small Business Survey conducted by BDRC International found that 65% of businesses didn’t have a formal business plan, yet over 80% have ambitions to grow in the next two to three years.

The same survey showed a high proportion of respondents having regrets that they did not take external business advice.  They now wish they had!

External advice is a great way to help inspire and nurture new and young businesses that desire growth and yearn to build success.  GuideDotYou can assist with business planning that gets your business on the front foot from the start, by minimising and eliminating growth barriers, such as:

  • lack of focus and direction
  • inefficient systems and processes
  • high costs
  • poor product selection
  • moderate or weak employee performance

Ask how we can help.


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