Visualise the Change

We’re down to less than two weeks now before my daughter goes to university 200 miles south from here.  As I’ve written about in recent weeks, this will undoubtedly create different experiences for both her and the family she leaves behind.

Yesterday I turned my attention to much of the reading material the university has sent out recently.  I admit I have been nervous about what’s just round the corner.  I mean it’s not like if there’s a problem her family can just nip over, sort the problem and give her a hug.

I needn’t have worried.  The literature I read from the University gives me a great feeling that they are the “real deal”, a real professional organisation that cares for its students and for their wider social circles too – family, friends, et al.

What the university has done is help to visualise what their faculties are like, what the social experiences consist of and, really importantly to me, what support systems are in place should my daughter have any problems or difficulties.

Two earlier visits to the university have helped, as well as the current pretty lengthy reading list, and I now have a very clear picture in my head about what the change means in practice.  I can imagine much of what my daughter will experience a lot of the time – the campus, her accommodation, the social aspects, the surrounding area, pastoral support and her studying and work experiences.

All provides me with reassurances I need about the new ways of doing things for us both.

And it set me wondering (again!) about how well business and organisations prepare their own people in advance of change and how well they engage after “A-Day” to ensure that the benefits of the change are being optimised.

What are your experiences of how change and transition are managed and led in organisations?  Let me know your thoughts.


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