Some Mythbusting About Quality

Quality of products and services means many things to many people and has a variety of definitions, depending which topical books you read or the people you listen to.

This can be disheartening or confusing, especially when trying to fit your organisation into one of these definitions described by quality gurus.

So what if, instead of relying on pre-stated definitions, you were to decide for yourself what quality means to you, how you want your organisation to look in the future and how you will get there?

What if you as a manager were to lead a quality programme for your business or department and through providing great direction and focus were able to realise a great team effort and carry everyone with it?  What if, by recognising all matter of priorities and constraints, you can develop and implement quality plans that are both achievable, appropriate to your business and something that everyone can sign up to?

By building quality into your organisation in these ways, it is unquestionable that you are on a pathway to improvement and growth, and the great business results that go with it.

Do you understand what quality means in your organisation?

Do you have a mission statement and the vision to support it?

How well do you measure your business performance through key targets?

Do you have an improvement plan in place?

How do you capture all the ideas that are prevalent in organisations and staff just want to share and implement?

If you strive for Business Excellence and great business results ask me how I can help you to get there.


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