I’m never coming home you know?

So today I planned not to work, and to fully concentrate on what needs to be done on the back of my daughter’s A Level exam results.

We got great news and had it confirmed that she does indeed start her Psychology degree at the end of September.  We are both “cock-a-hoop” with excitement.  It’s been a long, and sometimes tortuous journey to get her to this point, but we now realise these tough experiences have all been worthwhile.

The euphoria won’t die down for a while, but some of the practicalities have started to set in.  Her youngest sister commented that she is going a long way and she would need to spend a lot of time with her these next few weeks.  Later our successful candidate said: “You know I’m NEVER coming home, don’t you?!!!!”

This is not the first time I’ve heard that, but with exams completed and admission to university guaranteed the pathway to “Never Coming Home” can really be visualised.  So my business is about leading and managing change, right??  ”Never Coming Home” – that must be a change, right??

And then it clicked! In business so often changes are made, but the transition is managed badly.

Transition – not the lead up to or day of the change itself, but how people deal and cope with the change once it has happened.  It’s not as simple as just saying it’s a new phase and you’ll learn to live with it.  There’s something in there too about celebrating what’s happened before.  Not to hang onto the past and to refuse to change, but to recognise the value of what went before – in fact as if you are mourning its passing.

For me I will celebrate not only the start of a new phase of my daughter’s life and wish her well for her future, but also recognise all the complications and intricacies that have led us to where we are today.

I know you’ll still be around my girl, albeit at a distance.  But there will be a gap in my life from now on and we should celebrate and never be allowed to forget the hard work that allows us to say “Cheers” today.

Doing that will help us to manage things better when we are at a distance.


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