Change Managers Need To Think About So Much

Undoubtedly the skills, capabilities and knowledge required to become an expert change manager are many, broad and deep.

A recent meeting brought to the fore again how complex change management is and how many different facets there are to it.  So how do budding change managers navigate all the things they need to understand about organisations?  And how do they begin to understand the inter-relationships between different drivers for change.

The use of business models can help.  One such model, taught to me during my MBA learning, is the Burke-Litwin model, described as the authors as “A Causal Model of Organisation Performance and Change”.

This week I found an article, helpful because it is short, succinct and to the point.  The authors introduce by confirming that there are many reasons that change occurs in organisations, and that the Burke-Litwin model helps to identify different drivers of change and consider the implications for change managers.

To set this in context, I utilised Burke-Litwin in my MBA research project, to formulate and deliver a staff perception survey for employees at a school in special measures.  Leading to specific recommendations about activities that were subsequently included in the School Improvement Plan.  Additionally I compared the utility of this model with other holistic models, namely The Business Excellence Model and the OFSTED School Evaluation Framework.  In so doing, analysing the relative pros and cons of each.

Thanks to the authors at Exeter University, who have summarised a complex topic into a short, yet informative read.  I hope you enjoy and learn.

Read the article here:  understanding drivers for change


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