What’s In Store for GuideDotYou Next

In my last post I shared some of my key achievements for 2013, and as we enter the last two weeks of the year, it feels logical and good practise to consider and share some of what’s on the cards for GuideDotYou during the next period.

  • Following some successful public relations activities this year, I will market myself further, including seeking out business insight and public speaking opportunities (please let me know if you are aware of any such opportunities, particularly in Yorkshire and elsewhere in bordering areas)
  • My new leaflets, banner stands and a few changes to my website will be completed in the first quarter of next year (please do drop me a line with any feedback on my web content, either the website or this blog – it is always welcome)
  • I will continue to grow this Change Management blog, writing articles, sharing change and project resources and hopefully getting more people like yourselves to contribute content (so what are you waiting for? Get in touch!)
  • I will continue working with a volunteer, whom I have started working with recently and hope to secure an apprentice.  Both can help with research, new product development and further business growth for GuideDotYou.
  • I will track my progress regularly against my business plan, which contains additional targets (including target markets and the boring financial ones).

And most importantly I will deliver all these with utmost professionalism and exceptional service, always aiming to exceed my clients’ and my other stakeholders’ expectations.

Have you thought about your vision for next year and beyond?  If not and you realise an increased focus would assist you, ask me how GuideDotYou can help.

I hope your 2014 activities bring you happiness and success.


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