Top Tips for Growth

I’ve seen advertised recently a number of events, and indeed recently delivered myself a workshop on future vision and growth for the coming year and beyond.  For businesses who attend these events, in effect they are signing up to a process, not just a few hours at an event, which is then to be forgotten.
Such businesses need to enter into a contract with themselves to act on the findings, setting themselves goals which support their targets for business growth.
It’s important that the results of such interventions are not laid to rest in the bottom drawer or left to attract dust on a shelf, otherwise your business will fail to deliver at the rate you aspire to ; the event flagged your interest, but it is critical that your findings are regularly reviewed and acted upon.
A friend of mine, Peter Cruikshanks, recently shared an article written by GrowthAccelerator’s Head of Business Development Coaching, Edward Brewer, in which he shares some top tips for SMEs looking to grow their business in 2014 and beyond.
I hope you find them useful.

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