Happy New Business Growth

I do hope you had a great festive season and a Happy New Year.

Yesterday I delivered a Vision and Growth workshop in an Action Learning style, for seven other businesses, all of which left the event with something new, something extra or something to build on.  And some ideas about what they should start, what they should stop and what they should continue doing moving forward.

That aside, it prompted me as well to give my audiences a reminder about some of my own service offering.

GuideDotYou supports businesses and people, helping you to increase your skills and knowledge, solve your real business problems, improve performance and achieve great results.

Our Business Change and Transition Services include:

  • Change Education and Training  – Up-skilling for those who lead and manage change
  • Change Consulting – Change and Transition support for established organisations
  • Change Support for Start Up Businesses – Helping new and young businesses learn and become established

There are a variety of ways we do this.  So if you’re serious about improving business performance and achieving great results, ask GuideDotYou how you can achieve success by benefiting from a range of business support services, including:

  • Diagnostics, Health Checks and Audits
  • Education and Training for you and your staff
  • Strategic Direction and Visioning
  • Business Planning
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Business Tools and Templates

Initial scoping to identify bespoke and tailored solutions for your business is free of charge and early booking discounts for workshops, health-checks and other consultancy services are available.

More information is available throughout this blog and on our website. www.guidedotyou.co.uk.

Happy New Business Growth!


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