Guest Blogger – Karen Loughridge

Today I read a blog from my good friend and ex-colleague Karen Loughridge.  Karen is a Fine Artist, who developed a passion for art very early in life. She is a qualified teacher who has always been as interested in learning and teaching art, as in making it.  A large part of her artwork come from her”give it a go” experiments and she describes her inspiration as “life and possibility”.

The words of Karen’s blog struck a chord with me.  No! No! Not because I was only an office floor away from her and forced to endure her stories, nay moans and whinges about the dog that came to work!

Seriously…much of her story is about managing personal change and about the positive attitude and motivations of the creative, often disadvantaged people she works alongside and with.

Karen works with people that have physical, emotional and mental health issues, yet they strive to achieve in the face of the most extreme adversity and disability.

I’m sure there are many lessons here about what most of us should be thankful for and take for granted daily and the positive attitudes and motivation that we constantly need to make success happen.

Please spare a few minutes to read Karen’s blog and be inspired.


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