Change? Transition? Or Both?

Where organisational change is delivered successfully there is a clear, unambiguous focus on the business drivers for improvement and a real concentrated and continuous effort to identify, manage and realise the business benefits, both during change projects or initiatives and in live running.

Progress against milestones and other targets, integral to strategies are constantly evaluated, to ensure that implementation runs smoothly, lessons are learned throughout and beyond project life-cycles and that planned benefits and return on investment (ROI) are optimised.

But so often organisations start projects poorly and never recover, with thoroughness and robustness in designing and managing change and transition sadly lacking.  Too frequently the people affected by the change do not buy into new ways of working effectively and try to retain old, inefficient or dated practices.

Transitioning organisations correctly helps to avoid or minimise the risks of this and to maximise the intended benefits and ROI.

Watch for future articles that will explain more about the differences between change and transition.


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