Celebrating Achievements

As we come to the end of another busy year, I always find it useful to look back on what has been achieved.  That’s not just a once a year activity, but December provides a logical place to return to and celebrate the past twelve months.  Here I share with you some of the key events of 2013.

  • After two years of building wide networks, doing part time voluntary work, being a lone parent, moving home twice, having a period on Jobseeker’s Allowance and successfully supporting one of my three daughters to realise her dream of getting to University, I realised a lifetime ambition of opening my own business in August.
  • I am a participant on the Government’s New Enterprise Allowance Scheme, which put me in touch with my brilliant, skillful and supportive business mentor see www.businesscaterpillar.com.
  • I became a member of the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and do other networking, both formal and informal, individually and in groups.
  • In September I embarked on the Wakefield Business Support Programme, which has helped to secure a Virtual Office address and good deals on meeting rooms and support services at The Cedars Business Centre, Hemsworth, Pontefract.
  • I was also awarded an Enterprise Development Grant, to help kick start the business, and featured in both the Castleford and Pontefract Express and the Hemsworth and South Elmsall Express, just three weeks ago (see article in earlier blog post).
  • I decided to continue networking widely as an integral and essential part of my marketing strategy and spread the word right across the north of England.  This is ambitious of course and there is much more work to do on that moving forward.
  • I’m on the board of a new Community Interest Company in Wakefield www.favouriteflavours.org (driving positive change for people) and an associate of an IT Strategy Company based in York www.espyconsulting.co.uk
  • I have recently commenced my third year of mentoring on the I Know I Can Barnsley Big Challenge.

That’s just a flavour of what I’ve been involved in.  Do get in touch to find out more.  And do consider your own achievements and recognise the importance of doing so and sharing those with your employees, associates an shareholders.

My next post, coming soon, will share with you some key components of my vision for 2014.


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