I often get asked how we can add value…

When in conversation with people, either offline or online, I often get asked how we can add value.

GuideDotYou specialises in Business Planning, Project Management, Getting The Best Out Of People and Interim Management.

We have a range of interventions that, right across Lancashire and beyond, can address that problem or challenge, that can prevent that little niggle becoming a big issue or can add significant value over and above your already solid foundations.

Many people at networking events, or on Social Media, think it is enough to talk about their product or service.  It isn’t!

You have to connect with the person you are speaking with and provide, statistics, facts and real examples of how your product, service or technology interfaces with the customer problem and therefore provides a real value proposition.

So, for example asking questions like:

  • Are you currently disappointed with your performance or projects?
  • Are you frustrated by changes to Government Policy?
  • Are you not sure what to focus on next?
  • Do you have too many staff not at work or not performing?

If any of these apply in your organisation GuideDotYou people can help you resolve, for example by:

  • supporting you to set your goals and targets or be part of the team that delivers them
  • advising what goes into a business plan or funding application or write it for you
  • supporting you with how to start and manage projects well or be part of your project delivery team
  • reviewing your potential for improvement or be part of the operational team that makes your organisation more effective and efficient

Whatever you need to help you get more focused, get over a problem or challenge, or to help you and your staff be high performing, all of which facilitate growth, we can help.


Our range of professional development workshops, coaching and mentoring solutions includes:

  • Why Business Planning Is Critical To Success
  • Answering The Questions Business Investors Ask
  • Start Your Project Well
  • Protecting Your Recruitment Investment With Employee Attachment

and others that support your business start-up and help improve your performance in online and offline networking.

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What are our top tips?

Don’t leave that little niggle, problem or challenge to fester.

Conversely act early to gain real focus and direction and to prevent problems from arising and deepening.

Do this by accessing the wide range of support available as early as possible to help you maximise your bottom line and prevent concerns becoming business threatening issues.

Please ask for our free consultation to help decide on the solution that is right for you.


How We Can Support You

GuideDotYou is a Leadership Practice and was a finalist in the 2016 Be Inspired In Business Awards (for Corporate Social Responsibility).

Here are some of the ways we can support your organisation, you as a leader and you as your team as managers.


  • We can help you set your goals and targets
  • Or we can be part of the team that delivers them



  • We can show you what goes into a business plan
  • Or we can write it for you


  • We can advise you on how to start and manage projects well
  • Or we can be part of your project delivery team

Stakeholder examples


  • And we can review your potential for improvement
  • Or can be part of the operational team that makes your organisation more effective and efficient

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Whatever you need to help you get more focused, get over a problem or or challenge, or to help you and your staff be high performing, we may be able to help.

Find out more by phoning 0345 241 5323 or visit our website www.guidedotyou.co.uk

That problem or challenge is likely to deepen if you delay, so please call us today.

Are you underwhelmed by your business networking results?

I hope you are all keeping well.  It’s certainly feeling better now that the lighter evenings are starting to be upon us.
You may well have seen posts from me over the last few weeks about our latest skills development event: “Improving Your Networking Skills”, which will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 29th March, at Business First, Blackpool, between 1.30pm and 4.00pm.
This message is to let you know that we have just a few seats available and to ask you if you may know of anyone who might not be getting the best results from their networking activities.
If you’re now thinking that you have contacts who go networking, either offline or online, but don’t appear to be satisfied with what they’re getting from all that effort, this skills development event can help them.
Structured Networking, Gromego

Structured networking at the E3 Expo

Tomorrow the delegates will be self evaluating their networking activities and discussing problems and challenges with their peers. We will also be introducing the AIDA model and using structured and informal networking activities to practice learning.

I would be grateful if you would consider who you know that wants better results from their networking and invite them to attend.
As a special offer of thanks to you, if you introduce someone to this opportunity and they pay full price, using this Eventbrite link or bank transfer, I will reduce your own ticket to just £10 for the entire afternoon, which you can pay on the door.
Many thanks for listening and I hope to see you again soon.
Business Advisor
Tel: 0345 241 5323

How Effective Is Your Networking Activity?

A few days ago I delivered a skills workshop, “Power Networking To Find New Business.”

As part of the session delegates were asked to consider their current networking activities and whether they believe them to be effective.

The responses were mixed.

Whilst some respondents were confident their networking produces results, some answers were less convincing.  If the ways you do things mean the relationships your build or the referrals you obtain are not satisfactory or better, then we have to ask ourselves why.

Some of the areas for consideration from our initial small sample research include:

  • people may be active on social media, but not do much face to face networking
  • the converse is also true – some don’t like the idea of social media or don’t have the skills
  • not everyone recognises that it takes time to build trust
  • some people don’t understand well enough that buyers may well not be in the networking room, given that everyone is representing their own organisation
  • so people don’t always understand that sales will come from referrals outside the networking room
  • we could not be convinced that people are attending the right networking events that will generate leads in their sector
  • there had been previous poor experience of at least one networking leader who facilitated badly, interrupted people talking and prevented visitors and members from building rapport.
  • There were examples of visiting a wide range of networking groups to try and produce results.
  • Some people do not have a third party to whom they are accountable for checking their networking activity is effective


We also heard about a range of great examples of networking, producing results and many people and groups from who we can learn good habits.

At our next event, in Blackpool on 29th March, we will be exploring further the issues above, as well as what works well, and doing more work to check whether current networking activities are meeting your expectations.  And what can be done about it.

We would love you to join us at “Improving Your Networking Skills”, a two and a half hour great value workshop and practice, for just twelve people serious about learning and improving how they network.

You can secure your seat by registering today.  Early bird tickets and discounts for loyalty customers are available.

We hope you can join us.



Digital Marketing Roadshows in the North West

Digital Marketing Roadshows, being organised by Launch Events North West are being held in Blackpool (March), Wigan (June) and Preston (November).  These events are well advertised and strong footfall is anticipated.

As a delegate the event is free to attend.

Exhibitors can showcase their business alongside some of the UK’s most highly regarded digital experts on tour.


Organiser and Director of Launch Events North West, Nichola Howard says:

“When I founded my events company Launch Events North West, I had no clue how much my sales and profile would rely on digital marketing – and even less of an idea how to do it. What I also didn’t realise is how treacherous the world of digital marketing agencies can be, my experience of under delivery and bad conduct did not do my relationship with the digital marketing sector any favours.

Three years in, that relationship has changed. I am working with trusted partners who have helped me to understand and implement social media, web and email marketing and reach more than half a million people during my major events such as Blackpool Expo. Now, I have invited these partners on tour with the Digital Marketing Roadshow – first stop Blackpool – to give the visitors access to something I wish I’d had three years ago: a room full of helpful people who are on hand to offer honest and no-nonsense advice on everything digital. So we’re offering companies such as yourselves the chance to be a part of this, giving visitors the chance to get to know you and your services.”

Learn more

Exhibitor Jackie Salt from Attain Digital provides testimony to the quality of the events.

“We have exhibited across the UK and have found that Launch Events are by far the best. The quality of visitors that attend these events are people who have a genuine need for our services and both pre and post event Nichola and the team have always ensured that we receive maximum exposure as an exhibitor through spotlight profiles on social media to personal recommendations and referrals. I cannot recommend Nichola and the team at Launch Events highly enough.”

Note to Exhibitors:  If you decide this is an event for you and wish to secure your exhibition space and experience please complete the booking page and use the vendor code LE-GDY in the vendor code box at the end.


The Digital Marketing Roadshows will also be promoted at our Power Networking to Find New Business event in Blackpool on 15th February.  Delegates wishing to attend the seminar can add your name to the waiting list.  Alternatively please attend for networking only.  Both the networking and seminar at the 15th February event are free admission.