A little networking research

As part of our celebrations in becoming finalists of the Be Inspired In Business Awards (@BIBAS2016) GuideDotYou Connect and Learn is looking at bringing occasional free of charge networking events to venues across Lancashire.

BIBAS_FINALISTS_2016_Excellence in CSR (1).jpg

However before we progress our plans further we wish to get an indication of the demand for these.

Please let us know which towns you would be interested in networking in.

a) Blackburn
b) Blackpool
c) Burnley

Additionally would you prefer afternoon networking (12pm-2pm) or in the evening (6pm-8pm)?

Each event would include some informal and some structured networking, as well as a speaker.

Teas, coffees and sandwiches would be included.

The only costs to you would be your time and your travel expenses.

Anyone interested in more great free to you networking opportunities, across Lancashire, please share your views, either by commenting here, or by using our website contact form.

Many thanks. Phil

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