Let’s meet up at Blackpool Digital Expo

Our design arm, Brand-e-snap  provides a range of Creative and Digital Solutions.

We design and deliver a wide range of training and coaching solutions, aimed at helping small and young businesses gain the essential digital skills they need to develop their online presence with confidence. For example:

  • Get Connected with Social Media
  • An Introduction to Creating a WordPress Website
  • Digital Business Skills – Helping You Get Your Business Online


!! Some of our training and coaching can be delivered fully funded!!

Interested?  Want to know more?


Then you might want to meet us in person.  And if you’re in the North West on Friday here’s a great opportunity, because……….

Blackpool Digital Expo 2016

And in advance or on the day you can book a one to one session with Steph who will be able to answer some of your queries on how you equip your young or small organisation with the confidence, skills and tools to develop your knowledge of the internet, social media and getting your business online.

These conversations are available all day on our exhibition stand.

Or you can email hello@launcheventsnw.co.uk to check availability and book your place, during Steph’s dedicated clinic sessions, between 1.30pm  and 3.00pm.

For full details of the Blackpool Digital Expo 2016 visit www.launcheventsnw.co.uk

Come and say hello, find out more and enter our prize draw.

See you on Friday.


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