A Great Opportunity To Take A Helicopter View

Hello readers and may I wish you a Happy New Year.  I hope you and those closest to you had a good festive break.

Hopefully many of us had the chance to recharge a few batteries over an extended period, before we return to our busy business lives.

Over the last three months I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on my achievements during my first couple of years in business and take great pride in having built some great trusted business relationships, providing solid foundations for future growth.


Of course the hard word doesn’t stop there and I’ve used my reflections to define my ambitions for the future as well.  Looking at what has worked well, and what could have been done better.

As a leadership coach I have various planning tools available to me and am always on the lookout for new ones.

In this series of short articles for January 2016 I will share with you some of my favourites and examples of how they can be applied.

The beauty of these articles is that they will gradually build to illustrate ways in which overall ambition is achievable.  They will show ways in which to focus and prioritise activities that always link back to what we have defined as what we want to achieve.

We start the series by questioning what our organisational intent is; without this we risk diversifying into too many areas of business that water down our core business offers, and can dangerously lead to negative perceptions or confusion from our customers, funders and other stakeholders.

Investor requirements process

So some of you will recognise the importance of your mission statement (you may have a different name for it, but the intent will be the same).

By creating such a focus your organisation is providing your client with clarity and a shared understanding for the Board, employees and all other stakeholders in the growth process.

A mission statement answers the question, “Why does my business exist?” In other words “What customer problem or opportunity does my business seek to address?”

“At GuideDotYou we provide high value leadership and change services, helping clients to improve their performance and achieve great business results.”

And that’s it! We have learned not to dress up or clog up our intentions with lots of detail – we have a clear very short statement that everything else we do should always be able to relate back to.

The rest of this series of articles will illustrate ways in which we can achieve our intentions, and in what ways and with what products and services we can deliver on our simple statement.

We will discuss in our next article, by the middle of the first week back after the New Year, why a vision is different to a mission, and in future articles how we intend to deliver our vision.

And in the next three weeks how our services for planning businesses, managing projects, developing leadership and team skills and our brand new Connect and Learn events all relate back to our core business intent.

Watch out too for some upgrading of our GuideDotYou website during January.

I wish you all a very successful New Year and hope your business goes from strength to strength.





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