The new About Us

“The only thing that is constant is change”

Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 535 BC475 BC) was a Greek philosopher, known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe.  It is from he that the quotation “The only thing that is constant is change” is either attributed or derived, depending on what we read.

And so in the same spirit I am continuing to work on my evolving website and other marketing opportunities.

In recent months, new ventures and opportunities have come my way and so today I share with you an update to my profile, which is soon to appear on my upgraded website and other marketing collateral.

Do please provide your feedback and suggestions for improvement, which are always welcomed, listened to and considered. Comment on this blog or write to us using our contact us page.


About GuideDotYou

Whether it is mentoring and nurturing people to identify their desired career direction and achieve their ambitions, or supporting businesses with their planning and people development, GuideDotYou can help you achieve improvements and great results.


With over 30 years work experience and a Masters in Business Administration from Leeds University Business School and a pool of trusted associates to draw from, Phillip is an approved Growth Mentor with both national and local providers and a Project Management Practitioner, with a wide range of achievements including:

  • Leading Project Management Offices;
  • Mentoring Business Studies students and recent graduates;
  • Developing Balanced Scorecards of Key Performance measures;
  • Developing and implementing policies and guidance, enabling efficiency and high performance;
  • Enabling middle managers to improve Leadership and People Engagement skills;
  • Providing expert reward consultancy, securing substantial savings to the public purse;
  • Delivery of Investor Grade Business Plans;
  • Business Growth Mentoring for Start Ups and Growth Businesses;
  • Delivery of Business Planning, Project Management and Staff Induction seminars and workshops.

Stemming from over two decades of support to his three daughters, Phillip has a keen interest in education and its linkages to future employment.  He is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, and has previously been an Executive Director for both The Condita Group and Favourite Flavours CIC.  Earlier he spent five years as a primary school governor.

Phillip is currently Location Leader for 8 Business Networking, Blackpool, facilitating networking events and building the membership.  He is also a central and active member of the Creative Communities Group, which acts as a catalyst for University and Community Partnerships in a variety of activities including Education, Arts, Sciences, History, Health and Social Awareness.


Phillip strongly believes that communities should be socially inclusive. He takes the view that being mentally or physically active should promote experiences of positive wellbeing, including improved self-esteem, motivation, improved general and mental health, and reduced psychological distress.  By promoting enhanced levels of community engagement encouraging people to participate in activities, volunteer, enter employment or work for themselves together we can improve the quality of life for so many, leading to better health outcomes for individuals across the population.

Phillip is very aware that many people face challenges and barriers to being employed, including those associated with protected characteristics such as age, race, gender and disability.  So he supports people who have the talents, skills and desire to succeed.  And they will achieve as long as they benefit from the correct levels of support and guidance.

Outside his business interests, Phillip also lives with and enjoys spending quality time with his partner, Stephanie. He loves spending time with his three grown up children, and likes listening to almost any type of music, following sport, walking and eating out.




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