Growth Planning Testimonial

It’s always nice to receive positive customer feedback and this just in is a testimonial from another highly satisfied client.  This one is from a Community Interest client in the PE, Sport and Health Sector, with whom I have worked on their a Growth Plan for their next phase of development.

“GuideDotYou’s recent presentation about a Business Reality Check provided significant pointers to Legacy Sport about what we needed to focus on more as we entered our next phase of growth.  
Mostly we keep very busy with our business operations.  However we recognised we needed to stand back from our business and consider our highest priority activities to stimulate further levels of company success.  
So we commissioned Phil Parramore to support us with our Strategic Visioning, to complement work we had done on niche products and services and our ongoing work on Social Impact.
Phil is very professional in his contracting and delivery approach.  He worked in partnership with us to consider our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and used these as context to help us identify the vital few goals that will help project our business forwards.  
I wanted to be certain that consultancy support would add significant value to our business.  I have been delighted with the advice and service we have received and will recommend Phil’s services to Management Boards that recognise they need to improve their business growth strategies, focus and direction.  
Shaun Fox
Managing Director
Legacy Sport – PE, Sport & Health

I am grateful to Shaun for his kind words.  Legacy Sport CIC is a Social Enterprise established in 2011. The ultimate aim of Legacy Sport is to promote Healthy, Active school amd community settings.

For more information about GuideDotYou’s Strategic Visioning services, please visit the “Your Business Planning Toolkit” page on our website.



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