Starting and Growing in Business Feedback

On the same day as #nhschangeday 11th March, I was again able to deliver a half day taster “Introduction To Starting Your Own Business” workshop, for Intact Community Centre, Preston, as part of their Learn Share Grow Programme.  Attended by a group of community service users, the workshop started by considering whether delegates had hobbies, interests and ideas that could be turned into businesses.  We then moved on to complete mini workshop sessions covering:

  • What skills do people need to run a business?
  • What are my personal strengths and weaknesses?
  • How will my business stand out from the crowd?
  • How should I market my business?

Here are some of the comments delegates provided during our end of event evaluation:

  • “Informative, Enjoyable, Interesting, Useful”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the course.”
  • “Meeting already set-up with Phil to explore next steps”
  • “Today’s session was very informative and we have received good advice”
  • “The session was informative and has given me an insight into the business world”
  • “Lots to think about and explore.  Useful Business Plan template and advice”
  • “I now have lots of information that I didn’t have before”
  • “The course was very helpful – thankyou”

Thank you Intact for inviting me to run this workshop, which I hope will lead some of the delegates on to being able to start up, build, grow and succeed in business.Surewkshp-02Jul14

For more information about this workshop, which can be tailored and is suitable for Charities, Social Enterprises, Businesses with Corporate Social Responsibility Policies, employment advisors, work clubs, youth and community groups, schools, colleges, universities and more please see my earlier blog post, or contact me by e-mail:


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