Testimonial – Start Your Project Well

It’s always pleasing to hear complimentary words about your work, and so I will share with you hear some feedback I have just received from a regional co-ordinator of Audi’s LEAD Programme, about our Start Your Project Well workshops.

Stakeholder examples

This was great to hear about, and especially so at a time when Wakefield Business Programme continue to be supportive by publishing a new article about GuideDotYou on the Wakefield First website.

Many thanks to Chris Martindale for her kind words.

“I commissioned Phil to deliver project start up workshops to a number of Audi Heads of Business facing site relocations and refurbishment.  All had upskilling needs to deal with some discomfort being faced in managing their new projects at the same time as maintaining, as far as possible, Business As Usual.  In my follow up visits to the Heads Of Business the evaluation of these workshops was extremely complimentary.  

One told me: “I really enjoyed the project management consultancy day with Phil. There was a lot of really useful content.  We talked about environmental issues, procedure and policy, all of which I hadn’t done before. It was brilliant! It brought up things that I hadn’t considered, such as keeping the neighbours informed as we consider the redevelopment to the site.  I really valued the time we spent together and will certainly book another day once we are nearer to starting the project.”

I personally spent time with Phil to ensure his workshops would add significant value to the client.  I have not been disappointed and would recommend Phil’s Project Management workshops to Operations Managers facing the significant challenges of starting a project well.”

Chris Martindale

Regional Co-ordinator, Audi LEAD Programme

Find out more about how to “Start Your Project Well” and book your workshop here.


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