Social Impact of Business Start-Ups

In this, the second of our series of articles about the benefits of our recently launched Start Your Business Essentials service, we focus on some of the positive Social Impacts that can be consequences of using our innovative solutions.

In the first of this series we touched on the evidence demonstrating a positive correlation between being in work and good physical and psychological health and well-being.

We support this view wholeheartedly.  Now generally this evidence doesn’t distinguish between whether people are employed or are running their own business, and GuideDotYou can of course support people following either route or organisations that support people to become work-ready through our GuideDotYou Together initiative.


Health and Wellbeing

Initially then let’s consider some of the advantages of people working.

In a report for the Department for Work and Pensions, “Is Work Good For Your Health And Well-being?” the authors (Waddell & Burton) conclude that:

“There is a strong evidence base showing that work is generally good for physical and mental health and well-being.  Workless-ness is associated with poorer physical and mental health and well-being. Work can be therapeutic and can reverse the adverse health effects of unemployment. That is true for healthy people of working age, for many disabled people, for most people with common health problems and for social security beneficiaries…… Overall, the beneficial effects of work outweigh the risks of work, and are greater than the harmful effects of long-term unemployment or prolonged sickness absence……”

Our own view correlates well.  We believe that keeping busy (working), as long as it is done in a safe and legal environment, should promote experiences of positive wellbeing, including improved self-esteem, motivation, improved general and mental health, and reduced psychological distress.  In effect work should be therapeutic, improve quality of life and lead to better health outcomes.  We have strong opinions that work can and should provide suitable alternatives to ill health, for example morbidity and depression, and that having some form of employment, for those that are able, is to be encouraged.


Impacts On Society

Assuming there are solid foundations that have been made and further strides can be made in these areas, we believe that positive impacts on society of more people being in work include:

  • Improved local, regional and national economic outlook, with more people eligible to pay tax
  • Fewer Unemployment, Sickness, Disability, Housing and Council Tax Benefits being paid
  • Improved Health outcomes and a lesser drain on stretched Health Service delivery resources
  • Greater social inclusion, leading to the building of better communities and “feel-good” factors
  • Less reason for people to resort to crime to feed their socio-economic needs

Now we want to do our bit towards delivering these positive impacts on society.  We desire that people become more active, both in their physical employment and through being mentally active.


Sustained employment = long term gains all round

Our values are driven by our desire to support people to find and help keep them in sustainable employment.  However we do recognise that many, many people struggle with CV writing and interviewing skills.  We do of course encourage people to seek training in these areas and there is much support available in their communities.

But we also recognise that many people will always struggle to deliver a great CV, maybe never get to an interview, and even if they do, struggle to convince the organisation that they are the best candidate for the job.

We can of course support people with CVs and interviewing skills.  However we also know that many people have the talents and skills to be enterprising and desire to support peoples’ beliefs that self-employment is a realistic career option for them.  Start Your Business Essentials helps them to do this, by simplifying the, what are complex, start-up processes for and with them.

Our intent is to provide intensive nurturing, mentoring and practical service delivery support where it is required to ensure that pre-start and start-up businesses can start, survive and grow.

20% of the businesses that started up in 2012 did not last 12 months and 50% of those start-ups won’t exist by the end of 2015.

We dread to think the impact of this statistic on the bill for Unemployment and Housing Benefits as these people sought an alternative to the enterprise they had dreamed of!  We must do our bit to make a difference to these unsustainable statistics.   


How can GuideDotYou help make a difference

By making early and sustained interventions with clients wanting to build a business, we can help to positively modify the consequences of deprivation and depression, reducing the risks of relapse into these.  Hence we play our part in supporting improved psychological and physical wellbeing for business owners.

We believe we have enterprise solutions that, for a relative small investment when compared to the size of health treatment costs, can help to reduce the risks or people falling ill and can improve their wellbeing.

We can do our bit to foster improved economic development and support urban regeneration through the initiation of business start-ups, growth and job creation.

And by working in partnership with with schools, colleges, youth organisations, community groups, housing associations, health service providers and more, we encourage enterprise cultures, increase skills, help to increase employment (including tackling youth unemployment) and promote social inclusion for diverse groups of people.


Can You Help Fund New Start Up Businesses And Help Them Survive And Become Sustainable?

Who do you know that might be prepared to fund such a package for their own clients, e.g. to support employability and social inclusion agenda?

We can also discuss with colleges, universities, etc. whether they might be able to provide delivery resources to support this package, e.g. student placements, as part of our GuideDotYou Together initiative.  If you have suitable contacts do please get in touch.

If so please Contact Us.  For potential clients and funders we offer an initial no obligation 90 minute consultation, free of charge.


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