Hello, we’re on work placement to GuideDotYou

Through our “GuideDotYou Together” initiative,  we donate time and money to organisations that support young people to be “Work Ready”.

Today our four students introduce themselves as they begin their work placement with us. Please give them a very warm welcome.

Hi Everyone,

We are Chelsea, Sofia, Serena and Gemma and we have recently started our work placement with GuideDotYou.

We are each currently in our second year of studying Blackpool & Fylde College’s Foundation Degree in Business Management.  As part of our studies we take part in a work placement, which helps to provide us with experience of real life work situations.

The University Centre at Blackpool & Fylde College, where our four work placement students are completing their Business Studies

Let us tell you more about each of us:

My name is Chelsea.  I am looking to develop my personal skills, as I have already built a successful Community Interest Company and have learned a lot of skills that I am planning to transfer to Guide Dot You.

With GuideDotYou being a private business, I believe that there are a lot of things I will learn from the venture. GuideDotYou wants to enable people who are looking to set up a business to do so with minimal costs all in one place.  I not only understand but want to help further the business by undergoing some research that will help GuideDotYou further itself.

I am leading on research with organisations that have started within the last two years, to find out about their start up experiences.

I’m Sofia and I am looking to develop my business skills and further my knowledge on products and services when opening a  new business. I am hoping to develop GuideDotYou with the team, by researching product and development, by completing surveys and handing them out to potential customers or existing customers . I have learned many theories and ways to manage a business and also how to run a successful business.  However I am going to use my time wisely to gain experience in a new and expanding company.

I am leading the research with people who have ideas and interests that may have potential to become a new business.

My Name is Serena and for this work placement there will be some things we will do in our team and some things done individually. I am looking to improve my business skills, with increasing my knowledge of what I learned in the classroom into management of real life situations.

I am leading work to produce a guide of useful essential information for new businesses.

My Name is Gemma. I am looking to develop my business skills and put what I have learned already on my degree into practice. I also already have experience working within the business profession as I was part of a team who took on a charity and turned it into a successful Community Interest Company.  Whilst on placement at GuideDotYou I am looking to help the business develop, in particularly their one stop service and gain hands on experience working in a new and expanding business.

I’m leading work on communications related to this research, both for audiences within our college and to external audiences too.

Thank You For Reading.  We are looking forward to our work placement and will keep in touch with you as the research unfolds.  We are sure you will be able to help.

Chelsea, Sofia, Serena and Gemma


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