Why You Should Talk To Us About Your Business Start Up

Since we published our latest newsletter early in January prospects have asked us for more information about our recently launched Start Your Business Essentials service.

In particular what is different about the service to the many Business Start Up support services out there? And so why should people buy our service rather than from others?

In response I’ve decided to write a short series of articles about Start Your Business Essentials.

Starting BlocksIn the next month I will be writing about the benefits of the service to local businesses and about its intended social impact.

Firstly though we focus on the benefits of the service to the end user, the pre-start, new or recent start-up business.  This could be you!

Our Start Your Business Essentials© services includes access to the basics that a brand new business needs in its first six months.

A high proportion of new businesses fail to make it through the first year. In fact, of the 400,000 new start-ups in 2012, 20% failed in the first year and 50% won’t be around by the end of 2015. Read more.

Benefit To You:  GuideDotYou offers solutions that intend to help reduce those damning statistics. 

One thing that irritates me massively as I tour various networking circuits and workshops is the language used by so called “experts”, telling new businesses they need this, they need that and they need the other.

Now these experts do know their stuff, with heaps of technical knowledge.  But GuideDotYou always acts as your critical friend at these events, watching for signals that can lead naive new businesses to be easily persuaded to buy services they may not need.

Careful planning by the business owner can help the business stay in control, driving them to only purchase the products and services they really need to effectively market and sell their business, and with the by-product of reducing business costs in the critical early stages.

So, as an example, next time your Social Media expert tells you that you need to be on Facebook, ask yourself what your products and services you are selling, who you are trying to sell to, and what the best channels are for reaching out to that audience.  If that conversation with yourself tells you that Facebook would be a good channel for you, then all well and good.  If other channels are likely to prove more effective, and that’s where your audience “hangs out”, then think carefully about what you invest your time, and money into.

Does that help you to see the point?  New businesses need friends and professional support.

At GuideDotYou we do things differently!!

We started our business as recently as August 2013, and needed lots of help and support.  Initially through the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme, then via Wakefield Business Support Programme and latterly through Start Up Lancashire.

Benefit To You:  We pass on the benefits of our recent start up experience to you.

P1010264Good as much of this support was, it was primarily advisory, when sometimes what would have helped would have been a bit more hand-on.  More recently we have benefited from hands-on help of five Work Placement students (from two colleges), who are writing stuff for us, and designing and undertaking market research and analysis.  And in my own small way helping to teach enterprise as part of the students’ curriculum.

With the use of similar tools and techniques, with intensive support where it is required and being “hands-on” for your business where needed, we can help your business survive, grow and succeed.

Benefit To You:  By offering support services tailored to the needs of the new business, we can contribute to reducing pressure and barriers for business start-ups, by simplifying the process and helping with navigation through the complexities.

We believe that barriers are inevitable, but that every one of them provides an opportunity to learn, develop, grow and feel a real sense of achievement.

And look at all these other benefits Too!

  • There is a strong evidence base showing that work is generally good for physical and mental health and well-being.  Read more.  GuideDotYou services that encourage employment and self-employment promote and encourage positive psychological and physical wellbeing.
  • We value being able to provide people with hope that they can become employable and for many we can signpost to them that running their own enterprise is a realistic and sustainable option.
  • The package will be designed and developed according to your specific business needs.
  • We guarantee to never sell you products that you have already sourced or don’t need.
  • We believe in localism.  We are proud to service your needs using local suppliers in your local area.  Not only does that keep money in the local economy, it also means almost all your suppliers (well maybe not the large webhost companies!) are accessible for you to speak with and meet.
  • GuideDotYou has a pool of trusted associates that will service many of your start up needs.  We have already done the search for expert suppliers of services, meaning you don’t have to search for them yourself.
  • Our trusted supplier pool includes business, sales and marketing coaches; web requirements gatherers and developers; web and e-mail hosting companies; graphic designers; printers; networking opportunities and other business support organisations.

Is Start Up Business Essentials for You?

  • Do you know of anyone who might benefit from our Start Up Business Essentials package?
  • Are you a pre-start or new business that could benefit from a range of start-up services, organised on your behalf?
  • If so please Contact Us.  For potential clients we offer an initial no obligation 90 minute consultation, free of charge.

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