6 Questions You Must Be Able To Answer Prior To Pitching For Investment

Please ask me how you can get your investor ready business plan in your hands in as little as 72 hours. If you are seeking investment or have business clients who are wanting to raise finance, please do get in touch for free no obligation information.


I was recently privileged to be selected as a Consultant for Business Planning HQ, and so am now able to assist you in formulating your future strategy, assessing your cashflow and value of your organisation, and delivering to you an investor grade business plan.

Here is the transcript of a blog written by Business Planning HQ’s founder Marcus Tarrant.  Thanks Marcus for guest blogging here.

“Pitching for investment is one of the most important tasks you’ll ever face in creating a successful, and well capitalized business. While you may feel ready to field any question investors throw at you, you should carefully think through and practice your responses. “More often than not, it’s the obvious questions people fall down on because they haven’t effectively thought through all the issues,” says Marcus Tarrant, Managing Director, Business Planning HQ.

 1. What do your customers need and what is…

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