An ongoing placement – some very kind words

Some people may question the value of offering student placements at nil or low cost. But when you get a testimonial like this one I just received I think it becomes a no brainer.  My thanks to Neil Marchant for his contribution.

“As part of my theological studies with St John’s College, Nottingham, I am required to undertake a business related contextual placement.  St.John’s is a theological college at which I am currently being prepared to become an ordained minister.

During a seminar at which Phil delivered workshops on the importance of business planning, I approached Phil for him to consider whether he could support my placement.
I would like to thank Phil for providing an exciting multi-layered placement and an inspirational learning experience. The opportunity to observe, contribute and engage in business development and change has transformed my management style and practise. Direct teaching, sharing of resources, one to one feedback and carefully thought over partner, prospect and networking events have all ensured targeted learning, which has both met and extended my specific needs.
The provision of empathetic and generous mentoring provided by Phil has helped me set my business related, personal development targets at a very high level.  Throughout the placement Phil has demonstrated a real ability to understand the needs of the client at every level, which could have been a particular challenge given my visual impairment and unusual context.
I have no hesitation in recommending Phil’s business planning, project and change management services in any context and in particular to many parish churches and other community interest organisations experiencing the difficulties and challenges associated with change.”
Neil Marchant
Ordained Minister within the Church of England 2015
Neil and I will continue to work together.  In the recent past he has bee a senior lecturer in Art History and head of accreditation (voluntary sector).  as such he has many skills and abilities that help he and I to create a range of synergies in our aspirations and ambitions.
I hope a number of you will have the opportunity to network with Neil, in particular where you have community interests at heart.

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