A Range of Business Planning Services available now

Although you wouldn’t always recognise it, Business Owners and Directors are accountable for business planning and reporting progress against plans and targets.

GuideDotYou offers a range of Business Planning Services that can help improve your direction and focus, break down barriers to growth and put you on that exciting journey to a successful business.

Types of Service

  • Awareness of Reasons For Business Failure
  • Mission, Vision, Values and Goals
  • Strategies For Growth and Success
  • Awareness of Why Business Plans Are Needed
  • New Business Plans from Scratch
  • Improving Your Existing Business Plan
  • Investor Grade Business Plans
  • Faster Business Planning
  • Progress Reporting Tools
  • Implementing Your Plans
  • Coaching and Mentoring Packages

Types of Intervention

Business Planning Services can be delivered as either multiple organisation workshops, on a general awareness basis, or single organisations or single people can be supported with workshops, business plans and toolkit development tailored to their specific needs.

 How Do I Get Started?

For all our products and services GuideDotYou offers an initial consultation of up to 90 minutes, in which we can identify your specific business support requirements and identify solutions best suited to your needs


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