One Year and Growing

Today is a milestone.

One year ago today my new (and first business) was born.

One year on – we are still here and growing.

Is that such an achievement?  I think so – many new businesses don’t make it this far.

How would you describe your first year? One of germination I suppose.  I’ve had lots of support and in a still challenging economic environment growing fast would always be a challenge.  It still is, but the associate agreements and strategic partnerships reached and the types of work done and on the horizon fill me with optimism.

Do you think you’ll be around in a years’s time?  Absolutely! The business is building and I have set targets that are based around reality and firm assumptions.  Modest growth that guarantees my survival and a little more is fine for year two.  In that time I’ll be trialing and marketing new products and services that are full of promise for the future.

Happy with progress?  Absolutely – we survived the first year in the face of adversity that existed just one short year ago.  Now we are growth building.  And I love being my own boss.  Year two will still have its own challenges, but we’re continuously learning and developing and the successes will continue.

Mission, vision, values, goals, objectives all regularly on the radar and reviewable.

So looking forward to Growth Building – the GuideDotYou way!

Deserving of a small glass of champagne? Let’s do it! 🙂


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