Don’t Leave It To Chance: Start Your Project Well!

Those of you who are regular readers here may have learned about the high incidences of organisations that start change initiatives poorly and never recover.

There are causal relationships between lack of thoroughness and robustness in designing and managing change and transition and the extent to which the originally intended benefits are realised.

Mediocre or weak performance in operational running is alas all too frequent as a result.

Now coming from a long career in Government I was “blessed” to be equipped with many a Project and Programme Management toolkit to assist in scoping and delivering change initiatives.

Of course many an organisation will not be so well equipped, and so it was with that in mind that I set myself the challenge of designing tools to assist leaders to manage change projects better.

One of the results is my full day workshop “Start Your Project Well” and I’m delighted to say that this action learning based workshop is gaining traction in the marketplace.

The benefits of attending this workshop include:

  • Tools and Techniques that help you start your project well
  • Builds confidence in Project Management
  • You get to practice in your real project environment
  • You start to build your own plan during the workshop
  • An opportunity to stand back and plan
  • An early project team-building opportunity (for multiple delegate workshops)

Successful Business Change Management is about planning well, plotting progress, learning lessons and remedying them, great delivery and implementation; and tracking and optimising benefits in live running.

Don’t leave it to chance.  Don’t run the risks of having to call in a costly project turnaround expert   Get your project off to a great start and help it succeed.

Get in touch now to find out more about Starting Your Project Well, and book your workshop today.

Use our Contact Us form, or call Phil on 07766 543356.



One thought on “Don’t Leave It To Chance: Start Your Project Well!

  1. Reblogged this on GuideDotYou and commented:

    Two projects workshops delivered and three more now on the order books for this Project Management workshop leave me in a state of delight. Whether you are new to managing change projects, need to brush up on your skills, or just want to apply skills to a new and challenging project you’ve been given, this workshop is for you.

    Perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to lead a significant project for some time or indeed to have run one before. During this workshop you get an introduction to valuable tools and techniques that will help you to get your project off to a great start and help you get a clear view of what you need to do next.

    It is suitable for the Project Manager on a one-to-one basis or can be run for a group of people working on the same project, with added great team building benefits.

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