Wakefield Business Support Programme and Me

From being a career civil servant until recently, I have made the cultural transformation to being a business owner – but how have I been helped to get there?

The Wakefield Business Support Programme is one of the reasons I am where I am today, Founder and Owner of GuideDotYou Change Solutions.  And now I am about to experience something I never thought would happen when I was a Civil Servant with a monthly paycheck.  Promoting and exhibiting my own business at the Castleford Business Enterprise Show on Friday 11th April 2014.

The Wakefield Business Support Programme launched soon after my business start-up last Summer and has supported me every step of the way.  In ways that matter, ways that mean anyone with an idea they truly believe in and with inspiration, drive, determination and the right foundations can learn and grow on the journey to success.

Foundations are paramount, business planning, marketing, administration, strategy, budgeting – all major stuff you MUST HAVE in place.  With the support and mentoring I received from Wakefield Council, and in particular my advisor, Mindir Paul, I achieved this, and he also expertly guided me to take up a virtual office, with a professional and credible business address at The Cedars Business Centre, in Hemsworth.

I have always had the passion and self-belief that I could do this self-employment stuff.  But the signposting to relevant training, speaking opportunities, good people to speak to and other guidance provided by the programme has been excellent and exemplary.

Where am I now? I am a small business with growth plans and big ambitions.  I am already growing my network of associates, including internationally, through which support, products and tools are available to other start-up and growing businesses.  I suppose that, whilst I always had dreams to do this, the Wakefield Business Support Programme has been great reassurance for my plans, and has facilitated my growth at a pace that I could have not have achieved on my own.

Now the infrastructure is pretty much in place, I want to give back and take part in creating jobs and prosperity within the district.  Before long I want to offer formal work experience opportunities, take on apprentices and employ people, to assist with both delivery and further business development and growth.  My business is not about endless greed and profitability.  I want to help people of different abilities to learn new skills, gain experience and have choices and opportunities.  And I want to show young people that business can be a realistic career option for them to, as they strive to make their choices in life.

My event schedule on Friday is not all about me.  On a Changing Behaviours theme, it offers a number of my associates an opportunity to speak in areas of individual expertise that form an integral part of the GuideDotYou offer.

It will make you think, it will challenge you, yet enthuse you and we believe your visitor experience can make a massive positive difference to your business.

So we would love to see you on Friday.  And during and afterwards learn about “What You Will Do Differently to drive your own, and your business’ improvement”

As always best wishes



Castleford Event Schedule


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