10 Psychological Keys To Job Satisfaction

Here’s a direct lift of an article from Field Learning originally written last year and referencing PsyBlog.

We continue to be in a time of great turmoil in the job market. Many companies are finding it hard to find get the skills they need and some jobs are changing or disappearing for ever. Job satisfaction is of course a key issue both for recruiters and those working in those jobs. Job satisfaction is important because it can improve performance, reduce staff turnover and significantly impact the quality of our lives.

PsyBlog has identified 10 factors that psychologists regularly find are important in how satisfied people are with their jobs.  In no particular order they are:

Little hassles; Perception of fair pay; Achievement;Feedback; Complexity and variety; Control; Organisational support; Work-home overflow; Honeymoons and hangovers; Easily pleased

See the full article here.

Are Psyblog’s definitions and arguments synergistic with your own experiences?


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