GuideDotYou is for guidance

GuideDotYou is passionate about People Engagement.

Here you can debate and signpost careers and higher education options for young people. Better advice will lead to better, more informed career choices for them.  Enthusing young people, if done widely enough and well enough, will help to boost their own individual performance, and ultimately organisational performance, leading to the economic growth we need.

You can also debate here the extent to which employees are attracted to, attached to and motivated (or not) towards the organisations that employ them.  Together we can raise awareness of important issues that will ensure business finds and retains the skilled people they need. And critically to get the best out of them at work.  Do you support businesses to help them care and respect their workforce?  Do you help organisations to manage the changes needed to boost individual and organisational performance?

Please do get involved in healthy debate in areas where we can impact and point people in the right direction.

Can you contribute to these debates, making this site a rich source of information for young people, employees and business?  Writing an article that can be published here at £no cost, or responding to blog posts and articles can be great PR for you.

If you would like to get involved I would love to here from you,  Do that by commenting on articles and posts already on the site.  Or if you wish to have your own article published, please send me an e-mail at

Best wishes.

Phil Parramore

I will GuideDotYou


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