So the GCSE and A Level results are out…

Today we see the results of GCSE exams taken this year.   Last week it was the A level results.  Both see a slight dip in the overall grades achieved, and despite the media frenzy around the stories, let’s think for a moments about what really matters.

Let’s think about what that means, not for a block of a million 16-19 year olds who have just received their results, but about what each single person’s needs are now that they have their own personal results.

Each person has to consider what those results mean for them.  Do they carry on to A Levels, Vocational courses, or University?  Do they choose an apprenticeship, or go directly into work.  What other options are there?  If the results were not as hoped for what can be done over the next couple of years to get them back on track

At best the range of advice about future careers is, in my opinion, “patchy”.  Strong in some places… appallingly bad elsewhere.  Many employers are suspicious about taking on the young, without the experience the employer needs.  But does that need to be the case?

If you’re an employer, could you do something to help a young person learn about your trade, give them an apprenticeship, or even a real job?!

If you’re an educational or careers advisor, or a student or parent, what needs to get better, so that the young people or entirely employable and get the right guidance and support they need?

I would love to hear your views.


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